I live in Arroyo Grande, California with my wife of 29 years, Christine, and our 2 sons, Evan and Nathan. I graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, California with a BS in Computer Science. For my senior project, my friend and I wrote a program to generate flow charts on a Cal Comp plotter from Fortran source code for Sperry Corporation at Vandenberg Air Force Base. After graduation, I took a job with Bunker Ramo Corporation (which later became Eaton) in Westlake Village, CA. I worked at Eaton for 1.5 years before returning to Sperry in Santa Maria, CA. I have been working for L-3 Communications (previously Sperry) for 28 years.

In January of 2011 I purchased my first smart phone, a Motorola DroidX. I downloaded the Android Software Development Kit and began learning to program for Android. I downloaded a few timer applications and was not happy with their UI and felt that creating a simple timer for 15 minutes required too many taps. I wanted it to work like a microwave oven, tap "1,5,0,0,Start", and none were that simple. I decided to write my own "Quick Timer" which was the beginning of the "AllTime" applications.

Next was an "Event Timer" because I wanted a timer to countdown to a specific time. In my case at work it was the TZero of a satellite launch at Cape Canaveral.

The "Stop Watch" was next because I eventually wanted to be able to time multiple participants in a race. I got this idea watching my son's cross country coach keep track of all of the kids' times and splits for boys and girls JV, Varsity teams. He then uploaded all of this information to a team website. I talked with the coach before track season with my idea and a crude prototype and he was interested. I refined the prototype enough to support 4 track meets that season and was able to successfully keep track of all of the participants, send text messages to the participants with their splits, and send an html table via email to the track coach for easy insertion into the team website.

I don't know when I came up with the name "AllTime", but after I did I had to add enough features to deserve the name. I feel the version released has very few bugs and more features than any other timer/alarm/clock application in the Android marketplace. I will continue to refine the application and fix bugs as they are uncovered, but most of all I am committed to the users of "AllTime" and welcome all comments, questions, and feature requests.